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Seek is Awesome

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There has been a lot of excitement for the launch of the new Seek Optics website and it is finally here! Welcome to new and improved! We hope you like our new design and easy-to-use product pages. Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions! 

Please take your time and enjoy!

Seek Optics, Inc is a proud Southern California company based on customer feedback. After many years of experience in the Optical Industry, we specifically developed lenses and coatings that are durable, protective and high quality to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Our mission is simply is to offer the highest quality optical lenses at a fair price.

The entire line of Seek Optics lenses use an advanced Nano-DSX technology developed in Japan. Using a special hard coating, and a double-sided dip-coating method, we achieved an excellent anti-oil prevention (oleophobic) which makes our lenses extremely easy to clean.

Seek Optics hard-coating uses Wrap-Coating Technology. The surface of our lenses has a super-hard wearing protection layer and enhanced lens surface hardness which extends the service life of the lenses. Seek Optics hard-coated lenses with our wear and tear resistant surface do not easily scratch or crack.