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Color-Tinted Lenses for Sunglasses: An Overview

Color-Tinted Lenses for Sunglasses: An Overview - Seek Optics


The lens options available now span the entire color spectrum. You may find tinted sunglass lenses in a dizzying array of colors, including subtle pinks, vibrant browns, calming greens, and blazing yellows.

But did you know that every shade has its own set of advantages and that you can maximize those advantages by wearing them? We figured you could use some help when shopping for new sunglasses or swapping out the lenses in your current pair, so we put together this handy reference to sunglass lens colors.

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses with Tints

Choosing a lens color seems unnecessary. Well, in addition to enhancing one's sense of style, donning items of a particular hue might have practical effects. In the case of color-tinted sunglasses, it's not just a pretty face, therefore we've put up this in-depth guide so you can consider the benefits of each color before making a purchase. Keep reading as we cover a wide range of sunglasses colors...

Sunglasses with a Yellow Tint

Sunglasses with yellow lenses are a great option for low-light situations, such as during dusk, twilight, dawn, on overcast and cloudy days, or in dimly lit indoor places. The distinctive Blast Yellow lenses from Seek Optics provide the impact protection of polycarbonate lenses while maintaining visibility in low-light, shaded settings.

Sunglasses with a Rose Tint

Sunglasses with rose-colored lenses tend to distort one's view of the world. Color therapists report that rose hues, like blue, have a relaxing influence on the psyche, thus this shade can give the impression that the wearer has an optimistic outlook on life. However, the increased contrast can be seen when wearing rose-colored sunglasses, which also filter out blue light. These lenses are ideal for the road because of the increased visibility they provide. The rose-colored tint you've been seeking can be found in our Arctic Blue Mirror or Nebula Green Mirror lenses.

Sunglasses with a Green Tint

Green-tinted lenses for sunglasses are a fashion staple that will never go out of style, and they come with their own unique set of benefits. They are the best option for a wide variety of sports, including cycling, skiing, water sports, and more, because they offer superior contrast and color clarity compared to the standard brown lens, while also diminishing glare and illuminating shadows. They're a great all-around lens tint, functioning well in strong sunlight as well as dim inside settings. Definitely a versatile lens that can be used for a variety of purposes. Choose our Gray Green for a G-15 style that is timeless and reminiscent of a vintage Ray-Ban aviator frame. We have two mirror finishes with a green view tint—Rose Gold Mirror and Epic Purple Mirror—that are sure to please your taste.

Sunglasses with Dark Lenses

When it comes to sunglasses, black is always stylish. Another shade that works well on cloudy and sunny days is black or gray. They're great for driving in wetter climates because they cut down on glare, especially on wet roads. Those who appreciate nature and scenery often prefer black lenses because they provide accurate color perception and prevent colors from being distorted. Seek Optics Volcanic Black is outstanding all-purpose neutral lens. If a neutral gray view tint is what you are looking for, then the color that you choose from among these three options—our best-selling Flash Black Iridium, Chromium Silver Mirror, or Deep Red Mirror—will depend on your own taste. If you're looking for something more subdued, our Gray Gradient lenses are always a sophisticated look; alternatively, our Photochromic lenses will satisfy your requirement for a lens color that may transition.

Sunglasses with a Brown Tint

Finally, we reach brown, the most classic color. The color brown is also effective at blocking the color blue. This tint does a great job of eliminating annoying glare while simultaneously enhancing contrast and sharpening your vision. On the other hand, while looking out at a mostly blue or green landscape, such as a field or sky, brown sunglass lenses are the best choice. Sports played on grass, in the air, or on the water, such as mountain biking, water polo, baseball, fishing, and cross-country running, are now encouraged to wear brown. Naturally, this is the ideal tint for golfers' sunglasses. We stock a wide variety of brown-tinted mirrored and non-mirrored lens colors. The traditional Dark Brown and Brown Gradient lens colors are available as Non-Mirrored options. For a bolder style, you can choose from Bronze, Fire Red Mirror, or Pure Gold Mirror lenses.

Seek Optics has Lenses in a Rainbow of Colors for You

Seek Optics lenses come in a wide variety of colors, including the classics like black, brown or green, and strikingly vivid shades of rose and green. We provide a variety of lens options, including clear, black, and mirrored. Not only do we provide replacement sunglass lenses in every color (and all the benefits that come with them), but some of them, like our Premium Polarized lens collection come complete with AR Coating for enhanced visibility. All our custom lenses are made from optical-grade polycarbonate that is scratch and impact-resistant. Rest assured that each and every set of replacement sunglass lenses we sell offers complete protection from UV rays and meet all applicable U.S., U.K., European, and Australian safety regulations. Our 18 available lens tints cover the full color spectrum, so you may choose the shade that best suits your environment while still enjoying 100% UV protection for your eyes. And of course, this sunglass color guide will help you choose the right tint for you, no matter the weather, terrain, or activity you'll be engaged in or starting on. Here at Seek Optics, we've got you protected.