Lens Care & Use

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Lens Care & Use


Please take care of your Seek Optics lenses. When you are not wearing your sunglasses be sure to store them in their case or microfiber soft pouch. Seek Optics lenses are scratch-resistant. By taking a few precautions to preserve the lenses they can last you a very long time. Seek Optics, Inc does not warrant against normal wear, including lens scratching.


We understand that it can take some time to find the right sunglasses for your face and style. People get attached to their eyewear and they use it everyday to protect their eyes. The only problem with using your sunglasses regularly is the chance of scratches, wear and tear. It can be difficult to maintain the lenses like new when you are using them on a daily basis. Many external elements can affect the quality of the lenses and so if you follow some small tips you can maintain the quality and lifespan of your new Seek Optics lenses.


Tips for cleaning:


To quickly and easily clean your lenses, start by blowing any loose particles off the lenses, then clean them with an optical lens cloth or soft microfiber or cotton cloth. A mild liquid soap diluted with warm water can also be used to clean the lenses.


Please remember:


  • Never use paper products or clothing to clean lenses.
  • Avoid Salt Water. Since salt is highly abrasive in ocean environments, rinse lenses with fresh water before cleaning.
  • Store glasses in their protective case when not in use.
  • Do not place lenses face down on any surface.
  • Never put your sunglasses loose in a pocket or purse where objects may damage lenses.
  • Do not leave your sunglasses in a car in extreme hot or cold temperatures.



Please try and not wear sunglasses over your head:


Many people have the habit of putting their sunglasses over their head when they are not using them. This habit can, unfortunately, damage your protective lenses. Besides the fact that the sunglasses may fall down and get damaged instantly, the oil on your hair can affect and dirty the lenses, forcing you to constantly clean them and causing extra use of the lens coatings.


You should always protect your expensive sunglasses from small children and never lay them down with the lenses face down on the surface. Proper care and our tips will help you take better care of the lenses and extend the life of your new purchase.