Anti-glare sunglasses feature lenses that minimize glare, but they also have various advantages in addition to anti-glare. Sunglass lenses, which have an anti-reflective or AR coating, let 99.5 percent of available light to reach your eyes. The technology is so efficient that the user is unaware of it. However, by allowing this light to pass through, the lenses dramatically minimize or eliminate glare from extreme brightness provided by natural and artificial light sources, which causes lens reflection. Glare is a greater problem for glasses users than people realize, from snow and water conditions to tablets, computer screens, and even your phone. Replacing your non-polarized sunglass lenses with Anti-Glare polarized sunglass lenses with anti-reflective coating has never been easier thanks to the wide selection of brands and models offered by Seek Optics. Be sure to select our Premium Polarized replacement lenses if you want AR Coating!

Problems caused by Glare

Why are we concerned about glare? It can cause a variety of issues for wearers, particularly when driving, participating in sports, and working with computers and other technology that uses direct light sources. As a result, eyesight is impaired and health difficulties such as eye strain, blurred vision or 'halos' near bright lights such as street lamps, headaches, migraines, and a considerable drop in attention and focus while straining to avoid glare are caused. On rare occasions, having anti-glare may not seem like a necessity, but once these health concerns become chronic, you might have very serious, very uncomfortable health issues to deal with.

Do I need anti-reflective lenses?

Anti-glare lenses are appropriate for everyone, particularly in our increasingly digital workspaces, working from home, TV streaming, and internet-heavy lives. And, while some people are more susceptible to the effects of glare than others, the amount of time spent in front of digital devices and then in natural light to get away from them will only rise in the future. Computer screens, driving at night, and sun exposure are all examples of situations where glare can be problematic. While AR coating can not ensure that reflections will be eliminated, using anti-glare lenses will minimize eye strain and headaches by reducing the amount of reflection and light passing through your lenses. All Seek Optics premium polarized lenses have AR coating included.

The Advantages of Anti-Glare Sunglasses:

1. Reduces eye strain significantly

Nobody likes eyestrain; it's excruciatingly painful and difficult to get rid of once it's established. Not suitable for travelling long distances, attempting to write a report, or eventually settling down to relax. We squint to avoid glare, which merely exasperates the condition and produces further problems. Squinting can be reduced by using anti-glare glasses in any scenario, whether at work, relaxation, or play.

2. UV Protection

The anti-reflective coating, which is critical for eye health, protects against UV rays released by the sun and some artificial light sources. With the potential of damage to the cornea on the front of the eye, such as inflammation and burning, being a very real and high risk in the sun, UV protection is essential for healthy eyes and long-term vision.

3. Improved visual clarity and comfort

You may not have a headache now, but glare will seriously impede your eyesight, especially if you keep squinting! However, by removing the light reflection from your lenses, more light will reach your eye, boosting visual depth and clarity, which is essential for driving, working, and sports like skiing and watersports. If you do all three of these things, anti-glare glasses are a must.

4. You are visible to others

Have you ever had your face obscured by a strange flash of light in a photograph? Or making a video call only to see your reflection (or calling you out for glancing at anything on your phone at the same time!) Any bright lighting or camera flash will bounce off of your eyewear lenses if you wear glasses without an anti-glare coating. In real life, strong sunlight or LED strip lights will produce the same issue; they can't see your eyes, and you may also encounter glare around the sides of your lenses, which is quite unappealing. The anti-reflective coating on your lenses removes this glare, allowing everyone to see your eyes and giving you confidence both online and in person.

5. Enhance athletic performance

Glare can be a major issue whether you're a hobbyist, a teacher, or a professional athlete, especially in many outdoor activities.

Fishing, skiing, snowboarding, golf, jogging, and hiking are all activities that take place in strong sunlight. There's nothing worse for a golfer attempting to tee off with a blinding glare in their eyes, a skier navigating through dazzling white conditions, or an athlete racing against the sun with kilometers to go. Anti-reflective sunglass lenses serve to limit light and brightness, allowing for a clean field of vision and complete attention on the activity.


What is the difference between anti-reflective and blue light-blocking lenses?

Some lenses are particularly designed to filter blue light, which is high-energy light emitted by our smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. Blue light has becoming a more major concern in eye health as we use screens more and more, therefore blue light-blocking glasses are an ideal alternative for heavy screen users such as gamers and office employees. Anti-glare lenses are coated to reduce glare and reflection for clearer vision and to minimize squinting caused by a variety of light sources.

FAQs about Anti-Glare Glasses

Can I use anti-reflective glasses all of the time?
Yes. Anti-reflective coatings or anti-glare lenses can be worn all day. It is totally up to the individual wearing them and how much glare exposure you will receive during the day to determine how long they are comfortable for.

Can I add anti-glare lenses to my existing glasses?
Absolutely. You may use our custom lens service to have your old sunglasses restored or to have your prescription lenses fitted into any frame you like. 

Anti-reflective coating is available on all lens types, including single vision, sunglasses, bifocal, varifocal, and multifocal lenses.

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