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Versace Vintage VE4179-Sunglass Lenses-Seek Optics

Arctic Blue Mirror

Vivid blue mirror finish designed to block glare from surfaces such as snow and water.

Arctic Blue Mirror Features

Experience enhanced warmth and contrast with this lens, effectively reducing harsh glare. Loved by anglers and golfers, it boosts definition in terrain and underwater structures while excelling in bright conditions.

Versace Vintage VE4179-Sunglass Lenses-Seek Optics
  • 13% Light Transmission

  • Best for Bright Light

  • Ideal for water activities

Versace Vintage VE4179-Sunglass Lenses-Seek Optics

Arctic Blue Mirror

Vibrant and dynamic on the outside with a beautiful warm tint on the inside. Our Arctic Blue lenses offer the highest available contrast to ensure richer colors and bolder definition, making them perfect for fast moving sports.

Ideal For: Snow, Water, Field

13% VLT - Blocks 87% of Visible Light. Rose Brown Contrast View Tint.

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