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Versace Vintage VE4179-Sunglass Lenses-Seek Optics


Experience premium clarity and durability with our clear lenses. Offering no color distortion, they maximize transmitted light for optimal visibility.

Clear Features

For superior visibility and clarity without compromising on impact protection, Crystal Clear lenses are the perfect choice for shielding against wind or debris. Ideal for hobbyists, marksmen, and athletes who demand top-notch performance.

Versace Vintage VE4179-Sunglass Lenses-Seek Optics
  • 90% Light Transmission

  • Best for Low Light

  • Great for Driving

Versace Vintage VE4179-Sunglass Lenses-Seek Optics


Protection. Clarity. Detail. Our Clear lenses were specifically designed with your eye health in mind. Although the lenses are not tinted, your eye will be completely shielded from harmful UV rays. These lenses offer an extremely high index of impact protection.

Ideal For: Night, Indoors, Trail

90% VLT - Blocks 10% of Visible Light. Clear Transparent View Tint.

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