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What Information is Required for a Prescription Lens Order?

Before you send us your glasses for prescription lens installation, please ensure you provide the following prescription details:

  1. A clear picture of your prescription: Your prescription must be signed by a doctor and must not be expired or older than two years.
  2. Your pupillary distance (PD): This measurement is crucial for positioning the optical center of the lens. If you don't have your PD, you can request it from your doctor or use our guide.
  3. For progressive lenses only: Your segment height: This is the vertical millimeter measurement from the bottom of the lens to the beginning of the progressive addition. If you don't have your segment height, you can request it from your doctor or use our guide.

Sending Your Prescription:
For faster order processing, you can upload a picture of your prescription and pupillary distance (PD) when placing your order. Alternatively, you can complete your order without uploading your prescription and send it to us afterward. We'll provide instructions on how to do so. Please note that sending your prescription and PD later may delay the order process.

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