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Genuine Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Recognizing the Real Thing

Genuine Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Recognizing the Real Thing

Ray Ban is the most popular brand of designer sunglasses and prescription glasses in the world. Therefore, it is normal to find counterfeit Ray Ban glasses and sunglasses at High Street stores and on the Internet. Although shoppers may acquire original Ray-Ban sunglasses at a discount, the price tag would not even come close to the $20 price tag associated with counterfeit ones sold online. Even while some designer knockoffs are easily identifiable, there are duplicates that are so convincing that they might fool even the most devoted Ray Ban lover.

At first sight, it may be simple to convince a buyer to purchase imitation Ray-Ban sunglasses, but there are a number of ways to identify a knockoff. Often, the box alone may disclose whether or not a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is a fake. Authentic Ray Bans would not arrive in a package that seems faded or too shiny; the packaging is matte. Also, if the sunglasses come with just a case and no package, this may be an indication that they are counterfeit.

Inspecting the packaging of the goods is another effective method for identifying phony Ray-Ban Wayfarers. A genuine Ray-Ban case would resemble genuine leather and boast immaculate stitching and construction. Frequently, a counterfeit case will have loose stitching and poor-quality lettering.

When scrutinizing the sunglasses, ensure that one of the lenses has a gold seal label adhered to it. This gold foil seal on authentic Ray Bans will be glossy and self-adhesive, however on counterfeits it is likely to be a standard sticker.
A fake pair of Wayfarers, Aviators, or Clubmasters will contain a brand engraving that is inconsistent with an authentic pair. A pair of official sunglasses will have a strong, vivid, and distinct emblem etched on the upper right lens. A fake pair will likely not have any engraving, but rather a printed logo that is easily rubbed off and may be misspelled. With authentic Ray Bans, if the lenses are made of glass, there will often be a RB engraved onto the left lens, which is uncommon on imitations. Examine the hinges in addition to the logo, since authentic Wayfarers are distinguished by their big metal hinges, whilst a fake pair would have inexpensive plastic hinges. Authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses have a classy appearance and feel, with a smooth, robust frame and flawless, regular lenses.

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