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What's Behind the Scenes at REVO SUNGLASSES?

What's Behind the Scenes at REVO SUNGLASSES?

Mitch Ruda, a former NASA engineer, founded the Revo company in 1985. He had a brilliant idea to create sunglasses that would shield the eyes from the sun in the same way as NASA's space helmets and satellites do. The resultant sunglasses were REVOlutionary, with revolutionary polarized lenses and crystal-clear optics, and Revo soon rose to prominence as a market leader in the fast-growing market of performance eyewear.

Luxottica, maker of upscale eyewear including Ray Ban and Oakley, acquired the firm in 1999 with plans to expand its sunglasses line. The goal was to provide an alternative to the more branded or overhyped products that appeal to the more seasoned customer.

The Sequential Brands Group acquired Revo in 2013, and Menrad Optics Ltd was given the European license, which led to the reintroduction of the brand to the optical market in the first few months of this year, where it has been very successful.

Revo's heritage informs its newest models, which combine cutting-edge tech with top-tier performance to, as always, set the bar higher and provide a superior product. The new Light Management SystemTM can adapt to a wide variety of lighting situations with a single lens, making it one of the most exciting developments in the field. When it comes to age-related eye damage, the high energy visible (HEV) light system zeroes down on the high frequency light. Revo lenses absorb UV500 in addition to UV400, providing unmatched protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Mirror, high-contrast polarization, and the industry-famous LMSTM are just a few of the coatings that go into each and every lens. You may choose from one of five lens kinds that can each be explained in a few words.

Blue water - Includes a blue mirror coating that reduces glare in bright circumstances, making it perfect for water and snow sports.

Green water has a green mirror coating that reduces surface reflection in dim and moderate lighting, bringing out the true colors of objects. Ideal for use in a wide variety of environments, including those with water, snow, grass, road, and track.

Graphite is a versatile material that can be used on the water or in the field for a variety of activities thanks to its ability to reduce glare and shield the wearer from potentially hazardous radiation.

Terra is a filter that improves visibility on grass, a track, or a road.

Unrestricted access This lens, as the name implies, performs well on both the track and the road, and it is also suitable for use on the grass and the snow. When used in conjunction with image intensifier filters, light adaption may be improved in both bright and dim environments. Light transmission has been fine-tuned to provide for maximum clarity and contrast.

Beautiful designs complement these glasses for the ultimate appearance. The Raconteur RE 1011 is a timeless aviator silhouette that offers excellent panoramic protection, while the Descend variants are a lightweight, rimless alternative designed with comfort in mind.

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