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About Us

Seek Optics is a family-owned business in Coal Country Pennsylvania. We started as an online reseller of luxury eyewear in 2008, but as we grew, we realized that our core beliefs conflicted with the brand mindset. The “brand” business model was to create the necessity to always buy new sunglasses. We witnessed eyewear thrown away for a scratched lens or a missing screw. Warranty claims were difficult and parts were hard to source.
In 2013, we decided we had enough and decided to do things differently. Since then we have helped save hundreds of thousands of sunglasses from the landfill by giving you the tools to repair the sunglasses you love.

When you choose Seek Optics you make a purchase that is:


  • Ethical: It is your right to decide to repair your sunglasses not the brand.
  • Sustainable: Restoring your sunglasses avoids unnecessary waste.
  • Smart: Replace only what is broken, not the entire frame.
  • Easy: In a few simple steps your sunglasses are as good as new!

Don't forget to check out our expanded range of lens colors! Whether you're seeking a perfect match for your current sunglass color or aiming to revitalize your style with a fresh new look, we've got you covered. As always, you can trust Seek Optics to provide you with the high quality lenses with maximum impact resistance!

Restoring Eyewear: Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Empowering our community with the skills and resources to repair and restore damaged eyewear.

Our Vision: Pioneering ethical, eco-friendly, and affordable solutions in the eyewear industry.

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