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Saving Money and the Planet

Seek Optics has been saving sunglasses from landfills since 2013. We don’t throw away our car when we break a windshield so why throw away your sunglasses when you scratch the lenses? By replacing the consumable parts of your favorite eyewear you are making a sustainable and ethical choice.

Water is Precious

Traditional lens edgers use an extraordinary amount of water and this water is contaminated with residue during the lens cutting process. By using an ultramodern Dry-Cut edging system, Seek Optics saves over 264,000 gallons of water each year. Residue and scraps are collected in a dedicated chamber and recycled.

Your Right to Repair

We believe that products should last longer and be easy to restore. When you choose a set of sunglass replacement lenses instead of a brand new pair of sunglasses, not only are you saving money, but you are making a sustainable choice and reducing your environmental impact. We support your decision to cut costs, lessen your impact on the environment, and keep rocking those sweet shades.

In order to minimize the amount of waste produced, Seek Optics is extremely selective when selecting both the materials we use and the machinery we employ in the production of our replacement lenses. In order to reduce our environmental impact, plastic scraps are gathered throughout the manufacturing process, cleaned up, and recycled into new consumer goods.

Taking care of our Staff

With a triple dust filtration process, capable of blocking particles as small as 1-micron, we assure a safe and clean environment for our staff.

Seek Optics is committed to always looking for new ways to increase sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

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