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Never leave the house without your trusty pair of sunnies.

Never leave the house without your trusty pair of sunnies.-Seek Optics

Some peoplethik of sunglasses as nothing more than a prop for their wardrobe. Many of us immediately picture Jackie O. in her signature shades when we think about sunglasses (Ray-Ban style RB4098, for those that are interested). Or maybe you see Tom Cruise wearing the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers as he slides across the floor in his underwear in Risky Business.
Sunglasses have several benefits, like making you feel and look like a movie star, but more importantly they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses have always been seen as a fashion item, but now they must also be considered a medical equipment. But have no worry; you may wear fashionable sunglasses and keep your eyes safe.
You probably already know that exposure to UV rays may damage your skin and eyes. When going to the beach or outside, most of us will make sure to apply sunscreen liberally to our faces, but how often do we think about protecting our eyes? Protecting one's eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation is just as vital, if not more so, than protecting one's skin. Many eye illnesses, including cataracts and macular degeneration, have been linked to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light in the eyes. We've all undoubtedly heard of cataracts or know someone who's undergone cataract surgery. The problem is that few of us understand what they really are. As a picture is worth a thousand words, this is what it looks like when cataracts cloud a person's eyesight.
Now, take a peek at what it's like to have macular degeneration and try to see well.
Therefore, as these pictures clearly demonstrate, UV radiation may do significant harm to your eyes; fortunately, these risks can be postponed or entirely avoided by using a pair of sunglasses. Even though sunglasses should be worn whenever possible, they are particularly important under the following circumstances. Whenever you find yourself in a whiteout. Perhaps you are out on the slopes or the board. Because of the sun's reflection off the snow, more harm is done than usual. Also, each time you're near water, whether it's ocean, lake, or pool. The sun's rays are intensified by the water and returned to the eyes of those who aren't wearing protective eyewear.
Who here is in favor of aging? Well, I didn't see any raised hands, and I'm willing to wager that if I could look into your camera, you wouldn't have raised yours either. The appearance of crow's feet on the outer corners of one's eyes may be disheartening, especially because we all like to maintain a youthful appearance. Millions of dollars are spent every year in the United States on creams, surgeries, and other anti-aging goods in an effort to delay or stop the effects of aging. Imagine if I told you there was a quick and easy solution to keep those fine lines from appearing on your forehead and around your eyes. And you guessed correctly! Sunglasses. If you don't often use sunglasses, you may not know how much you squint without them. Please help me out here. Make like the sun is in your eyes and squint at yourself in the mirror. Do you notice how your forehead and eyelids are starting to crease? If you don't use sunglasses that block UV light, they will darken permanently.
Squinting your eyes all the time may cause strain on the eyes and can lead to headaches. No one enjoys suffering from pain that may be readily avoided. In addition, wearing sunglasses outside helps keep dirt and other particles from entering your eyes. Those who regularly use contact lenses will understand how frustrating it is to have something lodge itself in their eye. Sometimes things just pop up and catch my sight. My eye keeps becoming irritated and I can't seem to scratch the itch. Our bodies' natural response is for our eyes to start watering. The next thing I know, my pals are concerned that I am sobbing and asking whether I'm OK. It becomes a major problem that I could have avoided if I had kept anything in between my eye and the offending particle.
Sunglasses, therefore, are a must-have accessory since they improve eyesight. They shield our eyes from the light and improve visibility. Lights and reflections may be dazzling, but they can also obscure our eyesight. Sunglasses improve visibility in low-light conditions, making them ideal for the driver. Various lens tints are available for your selection. Your optometrist in town should be able to advise you on the ideal lenses for your needs and those of your outdoor pursuits. Choosing the right tint for your lenses may improve your golf game or help you see fish in the distance so you can reel them in.
Polarized lenses are an option when purchasing spectacles or eyewear, and you may notice them. To achieve the clearest vision possible from your sunglasses, it is worth the extra cost to choose polarized lenses. What is it that makes them so special? Wow, that's a great query! In addition to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and the other factors we've addressed, regular or tinted lenses may also let you enjoy the outdoors without straining your eyes. Whereas tinted glasses just reduce the amount of light entering your eyes, polarized lenses block all light entering your eyes. They boost security because they cut down on glare. Reduced glare from polarized glasses improves driver response time. You'll have better visibility and be able to stop 23 feet sooner if a youngster darts out into the roadway when you're doing 50 miles per hour. What potential that has! Possibility of saving yourself, your passengers, and a youngster crossing the street or swerving around an obstruction in the road.

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