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The Ideal Replacement Lenses for Winter Sports

The Ideal Replacement Lenses for Winter Sports

Seek Optics is here to assist those of you who enjoy snow sports but recognize that additional eye protection would be beneficial to you because the winter season has arrived in full force. This winter, if you plan on participating in any snow sports, you should read this post since we are going to take a deeper look at the best sunglasses and lenses for such activities. This winter, make sure you hit the slopes in fashion!

Have you observed that when there is snow on the ground, your eyes are more sensitive to the light?

The reason for this is because when the sun is shining brightly during the daytime and you are engaging in your favorite snow activities, the reflections from the sun and the sky that are created by the snow are typically too bright for the human eye to adjust to completely. This is the case even on cloudy days, and prolonged exposure to the reflection may be rather unpleasant. It also has the potential to lead to a condition known as Snow Blindness, which typically only lasts for about 48 hours but has some fairly awful side effects. If your eyes are subjected to an excessive amount of UV light, the outermost layer of the eye, which is referred to as the Cornea, will be impacted in a manner analogous to that of a sunburn. This results in headaches, discomfort, and possibly even blindness, all of which are unpleasant side effects. Be sure to shield your eyes from the snow's glare.

Therefore, you might be wondering, What steps can I take to ensure that I am protecting my eyes with the most effective shield possible? and we are so delighted you asked! It has been discovered that various lighting circumstances need the use of various colors of lenses. At Seek Optics, we have a wide selection of lens colors that can adapt to any snowy environment, so you don't have to worry about finding the right fit. Seek Optics has over 18 different lens colors and options to choose from.

You should choose our Arctic Blue Mirror Premium Polarized lenses for bright sunny days with higher snow reflection.  They have a Rose Brown base tint and a blue mirror coating, which allows them to reduce the brightness of the outside environment while also redirecting the intense glare away from the wearer's eyes. Because of the increased color contrast and saturation provided by our polarized lenses, it is now much simpler to identify shadows, crevices, and even ice spots.

Another excellent choice for Winter sports is our Chromium Mirror Premium Polarized lenses. These replacement lenses block out 88% of visible light making them perfect for extremely sunny days and the bright reflection off the snow. Experience superior visual clarity since these replacement lenses will reflect light rather than absorb it. Chromium Mirror lenses are a perfect choice for any undertaking due to a dark, neutral tint that offers excellent color perception in very sunny conditions.

Suppose, however, that it is evening, in which case you do not really need to be concerned with snow reflections. You still require protection from the wind and the cold, even when the conditions are at their darkest! In this situation, the best option for protecting your eyes from the wind and snow is to choose a lens color that is clear. This will allow you to maintain your evening visibility. Your night vision will not be negatively affected because our clear lenses feature ion-protected transparent coatings that help deflect light from any automobile or ATV headlights.


Be sure to shield your eyes from the mist!  Our Blast Yellow lenses can keep your eyes from getting tired and strained. The use of Blast Yellow lenses, which will help emphasize shadows and heighten contrast, is recommended if you frequently engage in snow sports when the light levels are low to moderate or when there is fog present. When trying to stay safe in adverse weather conditions, colored glasses like these make it much easier to identify icy patches, uneven ground, and drop-offs, which is really beneficial.


With our photochromic glasses, even the sunniest days can be made more bearable. Let's assume you're the type of person who likes to spend time in the snow at all hours of the day; in this scenario, photochromic lenses are the best choice. These kind of lenses make use of light-sensing technology to change from clear to dark based on the environment in which the wearer finds themselves. When there is little available light, these lenses grow more opaque, and the opposite occurs when the sun is at its brightest point on any particular day. This is some seriously helpful information!

If you are unable to settle on just one of the options listed and you would like to be able to switch out your lenses for different snow activities, or even if your old lenses become scratched or broken while you are out on the slopes, click here to check out our tutorial where we instruct how to replace the lenses in your sunglasses frames.

You could be thinking something like this: Okay, it's wonderful to know the kind of lenses I should be wearing during my snow activities; however, why not just use a set of conventional goggles instead? We know what you're thinking because we've been in your shoes. and we are delighted that you did! In contrast to any old pair of goggles, the frame is ideal for snow sports and can be made to be even more comfortable and adaptable to the wearer's preferences.

Seek Optics Lenses
At Seek, we aim to assist you in customizing the perfect pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun in every environment while also enhancing your overall appearance. We are able to provide replacement lenses for any major brand of sunglassThe choices are practically unlimited when you consider that you may choose from 18 different lens colors, as well as mirror coating, RX, and even transitions! We will send you the lenses, and you may choose to replace them on your own, or you can use our installation service to send us your frames so that we can replace the lenses for you. Bear in mind that even if the brand name of your frames is not included on the list that we provide, we are still able to produce custom lenses for you!

This winter, Seek Optics is here to meet all of your eye protection requirements, so if you're getting ready to hit the slopes and want to make sure your eyes are protected without sacrificing style, be sure to check out some of the styles mentioned in this post, such as our Arctic Blue Mirror polarized lenses, clear lenses, yellow lenses, or even our photochromic lenses! Make sure to keep those eyes well protected while you enjoy the winter season's many snow-related activities.

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