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Oakley Kickback

$19.99 $24.99
Lens Color: Volcanic Black
Lens Type


Oakley Kickback

Upgrade Your Oakley Kickback Sunglasses

Elevate your Oakley Kickback sunglasses with precision-crafted custom polycarbonate replacement lenses by Seek Optics. These lenses are designed for durability, style, and optimal UV protection.

Vibrant Colors and Advanced Coatings

Explore a wide range of vibrant colors and advanced coatings to personalize your eyewear, ensuring both fashion and clarity.

Impact Resistance and Safety

Seek Optics custom lenses are crafted for impact resistance, providing both fashion and safety for your sunglass experience.

Affordable and Sustainable Upgrade

Discover an affordable and sustainable way to redefine your sunglass experience. Shop now for Oakley Kickback premium custom polycarbonate replacement sunglass lenses by Seek Optics.

Lens Size: Lens Width: 58 mm


  • Lens Thickness
    1.7 mm
  • Material
    High Impact Resistant Grade-A Optical Polycarbonate