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Oakley M Frame Hybrid

Replacement Lenses by Seek Optics
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Why is the lens shape pictured different than my original Oakley M Frame Hybrid lenses?

The product images presented are solely for color reference and do not represent the precise shape of the lens for the model selected. The lenses you will receive will be the same shape as the original Oakley M Frame Hybrid lenses.

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Oakley M Frame Hybrid Replacement Lenses

  • Volcanic Black Sunglass Lenses
  • 11% Light Transmission - Ideal for Bright Light
  • Gray Neutral View Tint
  • Double-Sided Hard Coat Scratch-Resistant Protection

Transform the look of your Oakley M Frame Hybrid sunglasses with a brand-new set of high-quality replacement lenses from Seek Optics that are made specifically for you. You can keep your look while cutting your expenses. Seek Optics offers new, superior lenses that can be used as replacements for Oakley sunglasses at a price that is a fraction of the cost of purchasing new sunglasses. These lenses can be used to replace your old Oakley M Frame Hybrid lenses. In order to cater to the specific requirements of each individual customer, we offer our M Frame Hybrid replacement lenses in a wide range of colors and coatings.

You can't go wrong with our Volcanic Black lenses. Enjoy an excellent all-purpose neutral tint that provides true color perception on bright, sunny days. Built tough for exceptional performance in any situation.

Ideal For

  • Everyday
  • Road
  • Sand
Lens Width: 155 mm - Lens Height: 48 mm

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How to replace Oakley M Frame Hybrid lenses

Step 1: Positioning - Flip the sunglasses around and turn 90 degrees so the frame is vertical

Step 2: Removal - Gently pull out on each side of the frame and press firmly on the lens to push it through. Do this on both sides and press firmly on the nasal portion of the lens to completely pop the lens out of the frame.

Step 3: Installation - Flip-over and hold the frame facing you then line up the edges of lenses with the frame. Press your thumbs around the lens and snap it firmly into place

Product features

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Oakley M Frame Hybrid
Seek Optics

Oakley M Frame Hybrid

From $22.99
Seek Optics Replacement Lenses for Oakley M Frame Hybrid will restore your scratched sunglasses. Our replacement sunglass lenses are made to order in the United States to perfectly fit your sunglasses. We have a large selection of non-polarized and polarized sunglass lenses. Our high-quality polycarbonate lenses are available in 18 different colors.

Broken the lenses of your Oakley M Frame Hybrid sunglasses? Don't want to spend your money to buy a new frame? You can save your hard-earned dollars just by replacing the lenses. Seek Optics Replacement Lenses are guaranteed to fit your Oakley M Frame Hybrid sunglasses. They are Durable, Impact-Resistant, provide 100% UV Protection and offer Optimal HD Clarity while also Reducing Glare.


Product Dimension:

Lens Width: 130mm - Lens Height: 50mm

Lenses Compatibility

Compatible with Oakley M Frame Hybrid - 09-139, 09-146, 09-613, 09-196, 09-107, 09-123, 09-156, 09-144, 09-111, 09-187, 09-235, 09-151, 09-115, 09-197, 09-198, 09-119, 09-128, 09-175, 09-103, 11-108, 11-054, 11-055, 11-057, 11-109, 11-096, 11-056, 12-555, 12-557, 12-554, 12-556, 12-508, 12-553, 12-57013-852, 13-866, 13-865, 13-855, 13-858, 13-859, 13-868, 13-873, 13-860, 13-861, 13-869, 13-867, 13-870, 13-853, 13-872, 13-850, 13-856, 13-871, 13-863, 13-857, 13-862, 13-874, 13-864, 13-854, 13-851, OO9024 series

Lens Shape

  • Hybrid

Lens Color

  • Volcanic Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Clear
  • Chromium Mirror
  • Flash Black Iridium Mirror
  • Arctic Blue Mirror

Lens Type

  • Non-Polarized
  • Polarized
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